Qatar’s Sinkhole (Qatar Musfur Sinkhole)

Qatar's Sinkhorle Musfur is the deepest of the known and accessible wineries in Qatar. The visible bottom is around 100m deep, but some scientists suspect a larger cave-system to extend below. When you enter the cave through the relatively small opening, you can see. Also known as Dahl Al Hamam, Qatar: A Cave in Doha City

Laying of different kinds of rock and sediment
Graffiti on the rocks (not nice, Rather scribbling of phone numbers, names, etc.)
Hundreds of nesting birds
Traces of small mammals

Musfur Sinkhole is the best known of the still accessible sinkhole wineries in Qatar, which is relatively easy to reach and explore. Unfortunately, there are many more cave graffiti in the cave-walls, which spoils the experience. But it is worth a visit, especially in summer, when the cellar keeps a cool temperature all day long.

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