Camel Racing and Oryx Farm

Sheikh Faisal Museum. Built of local stone, with traditional turrets the building itself is a collector's piece. Islamic Art, Heritage Qatar, Vehicles and Coins & Currency, comprising over 70,000 pieces from 4 continents. Each collection contains further collections, making the Museum treasure trove of unique fossils, scriptures, Islamic textiles, ancient figurines, vintage cars, rare coins, and the world's largest private collection of armory.

Horses and Camels are two words that will conjure images of Arabia. A tour which showcases the 'ship of the desert' and the 'Arabian Horses', is a tour worth taking. Purebred Arabian and thoroughbred horse’s race for huge prize money and prestigious trophies such as the Emir's Cup and the Qatar International Cup.

After seeing some of the prized stallions, proceed to the race tracks in Shahaniya, In Qatar today, the camel is a prized animal but it is the racing camels, which draw most attention. The races have drawn a lot of attention to the plight of young children, as a result of which Qatar has banned their use. Robots specially created for this sport and are strictly enforced.

The camel race season is usually one of a kind that can be seen in these days. The vehicles permitted to drive along the track to urge the animals on! It is there that you can see them protected, shouting instructions to the jockeys through megaphones, or using a password.

Continues we can see the Oryx in its natural surroundings at the Oryx Farm you come back from Shahaniya. The national animal of Qatar, the Oryx is not found anywhere else in the world in such large numbers. These rare and elegant antelopes now live under the protection and protection of the Qatari government.


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9:00 am to 1:00 pm | 2 pm to 6 pm

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From your residence / Hotel / Airport / Malls / Restaurants

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2 people (Private tour can be arranged for solo traveler)


Arabic Tea, chilled mineral water and juices


From pickup to drop off you will be covered by off-road personal insurance

What To Dress

Dress light clothes / shorts / t shirt / sandals


English speaking local drivers, informative and pleasant

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Toilets facilities are available

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